Based on and other websites, there are various logos that we realize, maybe we see it every day, but still doesn’t recognize the meaning or the hidden message!

# 1. Baskin-Robbins – The middle part of the logo is highlighted in pink – it is actually the number of 31 which is representing the number of flavors they offer.



# 2. Sony VAIO – If you look closer, you can separate the logo into two parts: the first part is an analog sign the second part is a 1-0 which represents the binary (digital) world.


#3. Northwest Airlines – One of the most meaningful logos with even 2 hidden messages — the small triangle in the upper-left part of the logo makes a W from the N – the second messages is that the edge of the W is pointing straight to Northwest on the circle – brilliant!


#4. – Mostly people think that the arrow under the name represents a smiley face – which means they are making their customers happy. On the other hand, the arrow points from A to Z which represents the wide scale of products, literally from A to Z.


#5. Toyota РThe logo contains  three ellipses that are found in the logo for Toyota represent three hearts: the heart of the customer, the heart of the product, and the heart of progress in the field of technology. But less people know that all the letters of the brand name is included in the logo:


# +1. Extra – Toblerone – The famous swiss choclate is originated from Bern in Switzerland, which is the city of bears – Thats why you can find the name of the city and the bear hiding on the mountain in the logo.


Now you know a bit more about logos, it is a very important part of your company, represents it all-day everyday on and offline. Maybe it’s time to do a little rebranding, right?


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